Laser cutting- process and what I have learnt

I had to first calculate how much of each material I will need. This meant working out the exact measurements of each model in order to understand the necessary quantities. This is because I did not want to waste materials and similarly, didn’t want to not have enough. In reflection, I bought the exactly quantity of materials that I needed with little margin for mistakes. 

Organising the cut pieces in this way meant that I avoided the confusion of mixing the pieces up. Additionally to this, once the pieces were cut- I followed my CAD drawings to make sure I was using the correct pieces during the construction process. 

What I found to work best with the process of my laser cutting was the organisation that I had put in place – prior to beginning cutting. 

If I were to change the way I laser cut my models- I would have engraves more of the pieces as I feel that I have an impressive overall finish. 

If I had more time or were to do this section of the project again- I would experiment with different finishes which can be put onto the Perspex/mdf in order to give different textures e.g engraving from a photograph or adding texture with layers 


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