Constructing the floor plan- media testing and experimentation 

Knowing that a floor plan is an essential part of my overall presentation of the project, as it shows location and scale- I found it difficult to think of ideas of how to present the redesigned plan in a contemporary and inventive way. During a tutorial, Helen suggested having a wall mounted element to my work- as this would heighten the overall aesthetic of my final exhibition whilst allowing for a different perspective of looking at the site. Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 22.32.50.pngAfter mapping out the overall layout (the product of previous sketching and measurements): I chose to use a mixture of different coloured Perspex sheets- as they are transparent yet still can differentiate between the seperate elements of the site. After drawing up the measured out pieces, signifying spaces and buildings, I worked out the correct spacing between each piece. This was important to do as it shows scale in the width between each aspect of the overall image. 

After painting the base layer with 2 coats of acrylic paint- I began to lay out the pieces. After placing a few of the pieces down I discovered that the paint was still slightly wet and had stuck to the Perspex. I fixed this problem by using a paper towel and water to wipe clean the surfaces before using a hairdryer to fully dry the paint 

Overall, I am happy with the finished piece. It fits well with the colour scheme of my existing models- whilst adding additional colour of the blue aspect- which lives up the aesthetic of the models as a whole. 

I found that using small dots of superglue on the corners of each piece was effective in reducing the amount of spreading and smudging of the glue- whilst still adhering it to the surface with a sufficient strength. 

If I were to do this model again- I would create more intricate shapes and consider layering the perspex sheets as the transparency of the material develops an opaque nature when layered 


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