Constructing the staircase- problems and how I have solved them 

A problem which I faced, when attempting to construct my staircase, was a wrongly measured piece which was repeated on both sides of the stairs. Instead of doing a 23mm width, I set the laser cutter to cut a 40mm width, meaning that the top section of the stairs did not fit onto the base.  

I was aware that the laser cutter would be fully booked for the remainder of the week and I would not be able to cut new pieces and so, asked my peers for advice. One suggestion was to use a glass cutter and attempt to engrave a line, at the correct point, on the perspex before snapping it carefully, so as not to shatter it. 

I went to the technician in the workshop and asked for advice where he told me that scoring the perspex by hand would be too likely to shatter it and so, instead, I covered the area which I wanted to be cut with masking tape before measuring out the correct line. This point was then cut on the band saw, in the workshop, before I filed it down to a smooth, clean edge. Although it was initially very frustrating to have the pieces not fit together after laser cutting, I was able to quickly fix the problem and create a finished product which was of the same quality as a laser cut line. 

Once the pieces were stuck on with superglue, being careful to not let it spill on any of the surfaces (as this would compromise the overall finish of the model), I put the model upside down to dry- to avoid adding the pressure of weight onto the base of the staircase.

I feel that I constructed this model in the most efficient way that I could have, aided by my planning each element of the construction process before cutting the pieces- in order to avoid making errors or doing something in a less productive way.


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