Modelling- additional details and overcoming problems 

Problem faced with staircase seating model:

-difficulty in drawing accuracy of each piece in order to ensure that it fits together

-Keeping the glue edges clean and avoiding it from smudging onto the main surface

-There was a lot of pressure onto the central base piece of the seating- as both the pieces were leaning into it. I solved this problem by laser cutting 2 small pieces of clear acrylic to glue onto the edges, in order to prevent the pressure to cause the staircase to spread and split apart.

^Adding the acrylic pieces to both ends of the staircase.

The technician used the band saw to cut me a small pieces of MDF which I could adhere the hollow base of the balcony onto- as this would prevent it from tipping over when displayed. I ensured that this would be a clean edge by laying the balcony on its side when I glued it, so that it was flush to the worktop- and so, would not show any inaccuracy of line.

I also focussed on not allowing for any smudging or spreading of the adhesive that I used, as it was a PVA wood adhesive, meaning it can be more messy than the superglue that I had previously been using.

Overall, I am very pleased with how each additional detail to the models went- as it showed me that despite facing problems which I did not expect or factor into my manufacturing process, I was able to continue designing in a way to incorporate/fix the problems and successfully complete my models.

If I were to do the modelling process again, I would take special care to consider the final mounting and standing up position of each model- as weight of material and angles were what caused difficulty during the manufacturing process.


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