Adding figures/scale to designs

Using Adobe photoshop for my final design images, I have gone onto google and saved images of silhouette figures, in order to give a scale reference for each of my designs. This is something which was important to do as each of my designs has a significantly different scale, in reference to the models, and so there must be a suggestion of scale in respect to the user. 

Adding the figures as a layer and lowering the exposure and transparency in order to give a suggestion of scale, without retracting from the overall image. 

For my final design sheets, as I do not intend to retract from the overall appearance by adding a lot of measurements and scales, the use of figures as a sign of size is essential. I am happy with the finished images as I feel that they have conveyed an effective indication of scale, without looking unrealistic.

If I were to redo this design, I would chose to start the image from a further out view, as it would make the design look more impressive and would appear as more of an artist impression, than an attempt at a photorealistic image.


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