How I chose to format my exhibition space

I chose to have the pavilion at eye height, as it allows the observer to look through the model to notice the spacing between the shadowy perspex, creating a flattering angle for each layer. Similarly, this allowed for there to be space to put the respective design sheet directly next to it- also at eye height for easy reading my an observer. 

For the staircase, I chose to use a slightly smaller shelf which would be above eye height, as it means that the observer will have to look up at the model, making it look of a larger scale and showing the underside details of each section of it. This choice to show the model from the higher angle also shows the contrast between the transparent grey and the dark edges of the perspex. I chose the put the balcony on a plinth as it would result in its being seen from a higher angle, meaning the details of the exterior steps and indoor storage would be apparent. This also broadened the overall appearance of my exhibition as it meant that not every aspect of it was wall mounted.


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